For smaller catering, hotel and

commercial operations up to 35 people.

The fully biological SBR wastewater treatment plant for multi-chamber cesspits and multi-tank plants up to 35 people – for new construction and retrofitting.

Especially developed for highly loaded wastewater from hotels, catering and food processing operations in smaller sizes: the “G” variants of our AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL. Extensive adjustments to the tank as well as installation and maintenance tasks underwater are a thing of the past; even the retrofitting of old wastewater treatment plants is possible without excavation. Due to the AQUAmax® modular system and software updates, the AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL G is always expandable and can be adapted to the state of the art or new legislation, without having to invest in a new wastewater treatment plant. The most important thing: The AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL G achieves a treatment efficiency of up to 99%, even under the most difficult conditions. Plus: Even the nitrogen removal in accordance with German Standard DIN EN 12566, Part 3 is not an issue. All components of the Aquamax Professional G are UL certified for usage in the North American Market.

Our standardised AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL G plant series

  • GZ 1-10
    Connection value: 1-10 people
    With submersible motor aerator
    Chain suspension system
  • GZ 10-35
    Connection value: 10-35 people
    With submersible motor aerator
    Chain suspension system
  • G-B 17-50
    Connection value: 17-50 people
    With compressor

Functional Procedures

Automatic control
Primary treatment
Feeding pump
SBR tank
Carrier frame
Submersible motor pump (clarified water)
Submersible motor aerator
Submersible motor pump (sludge return)
Control cable

proControl© – the control centre for the AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL G wastewater treatment plants

A text display with four lines, modern menu management and the possibility of software update through the integrated interface make this control unit not only the switching unit for the eight-hour treatment cycles but also into the true high-tech control centre for small wastewater treatment plants. Whether it is weekly running times, manual interventions or functional interruptions – each action is recorded in an electronic logbook, similar to the telephone book in a mobile telephone. Thus, for example, the maintenance service can still view all important events even after the elapse of several months. The voltage detection system UVS, in addition, ensures that a drop in the supply voltage does not remain unnoticed. With this, naturally the ATB has thought about the future. Should the statutory requirement increase further, with proControl© 2 you can profit from all further developments through the Update and Extension option – also still years ahead. Through this the treatment performance of the wastewater treatment plant can always be improved further. This is also possible today with the AQUAmax® PLUS packet (nitrogen degradation) and phosphate precipitation.