Proven technical solutions for the treatment of wastewater
from residential developments, villages, hotels and commercial applications

Solutions for almost every situation and requirement

In collaboration with test institutes and universities at home and abroad, the AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL wastewater treatment system has been developed on the basis of our market-leading small wastewater treatment plants AQUAmax® BASIC & CLASSIC, especially for users from the commercial sector as well as for smaller communities.

It functions on the established and proven SBR process, which is employed successfully in full scale engineering and also with small wastewater treatment plants. On this basis the AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL system enables high quality, extremely economic solutions for almost every professional requirement.

The AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL series was conceived specifically for highly loaded wastewater from hotel, catering, commercial and food processing operations as well as for residential areas and smaller villages.

 Our standardised AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL systems engineering covers the following areas:

 G-plants  Applications up to 35 people (1,600 imp. gal or 7,250 l or 1,915 US gal)
 XL-plants  Applications up to 260 people (13,000 gal or 58,000 l15,550 Us gal)
 XLA-/XLAM-plants Applications up to 700 people (31,895 gal or 145,000 l or 38,300 US gal)
 XXL plants Applications up to 6,500 people (320,000 gal or 1,450,000 or 383,000 US gal)



Real professionals go for the AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL series

Universally deployable

The AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL series is suitable for almost every biologically degradable wastewater.

Flexible – also with retrofitting

Independent of material and geometry the plants can be installed in very nearly all types of tank – from concrete via plastic up to GRP tanks.

First-class discharge values

AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL plants are dimensioned according to the project-specific data. The configuration is effected depending on required treatment performance.


Optional: secure disinfection through UV after-treatment or chlorination.

Phosphate precipitation

The proControl© control system is prepared for the activation of an external phosphate precipitation.


Through the AQUAmax® modular construction system your plant is at all times expandable, through software updates at all times adaptable to the best available technology.

Experience, security & service

The top-selling SBR wastewater treatment plant in Germany, installed thousands of times worldwide!